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Frequently Asked Questions

How was the information displayed on interviewSEASON collected?
Data was collected directly from individual program websites.

Who is the contact for the contact information displayed?
The contact information is the information published by the program on their website.  Our primary goal was to provide the contact information for the program coordinator, who should generally be your first point of contact when attempting to communicate with a program.  If the contact information for the program coordinator was not available, we listed the information for the program director.  If there was question as to whether or not information was accurate, we listed the information that we felt was most reliable, whether it was for the program director or the program coordinator. However, contacts and contact information changes frequently. If you come across errors, email us at and we'll fix the problem immediately (usually within 24 hours).

Why is some of the interviewSEASON data different from the FREIDA data?
The information in the FREIDA database is collected via surveys that are sent to GME offices and programs, while our data is collected directly from the program's website.  From our research, much of the FREIDA information correlates with what is published on the program websites. There are, however, numerous discrepancies between FREIDA information and program website information, and in our experience, the program website generally has the most accurate information.

Why is there missing information?
If there is missing information, it's because we could not find it on the program’s website, or we could not find the program website at all.  This was rare, but it did happen.

What should I do if the information on interviewSEASON is inaccurate?
Program information and web addresses do change. We have visited each website to validate links and data, and we will continue to do so on a regular basis, but it is not feasible to do this continuously. If there is an error or broken link, please let us know and we will fix it immediately. (

What information will my colleague see if I share my list with them?
Your colleague will see the programs on your active dashboard, and their window will consist of the following columns: Program Name, Status, City/State, Specialty, Interview Date, and Rating.

How many colleagues can I share my list with?
There is no limit to the number of colleagues you can share your list with.  This function was developed with couples in mind due to their need to know the status of their partner's applications to various programs. Most applicants do not share application information with applicants other than their partner, but the option is there.

Does my colleague need to be an interviewSEASON member to share my list with them?

What information will my advisor see if I share my list with them?
Your advisor will see the programs on your active dashboard, and their window will consist of the following columns: Program Name, Status, City/State, Specialty, and Interview Date. They will not have access to the rating column.

How many advisors can I share my list with?
There is no limit to the number of advisors you can share your list with.  In general, applicants share their list with two groups of advisors: general medical school/residency advisors and specialty-specific advisors. 

Do advisors need to be interviewSEASON members for me to share my list with them?
Advisors will become members of interviewSEASON when an applicant’s list is shared with them. There is no fee associated with their participation.  Our primary goal is to make the applicant's interview season more successful and less stressful, and by granting access to advisors free of charge, we make it easier for them to help and guide our members. They will not have access to members’ evaluations of programs.

Does my advisor need to be affiliated with my medical school in order to share my list with them?
No, they don’t. In fact, members may use this function to share their active program list with anybody, including parents, siblings, or partners outside of the match process.

Will my identifying information ever be used or released?
We will not share your identifying information with anyone. If you choose to share your list with a colleague, advisor, or administrator, they will be able to associate your name with your list.

Will my information be shared with anybody?
One of the best resources for residency application advice is the class above the currently applying class--the class that most recently matched. Until now, there hasn't been any way to capture that information, at least not in an organized or reliable manner.  InterviewSEASON will change this by maintaining the information in such a way that is easily accessible and useful to future applicants.  Information collected by active members will not be shared during their application cycle.

When will composite information be available?
The composite evaluation information collected during the interview season will be made available to members AFTER the rank list deadline.  This ensures that those members who need to participate in the SOAP process will have access to these reviews. It is our sincere hope that none of our members participate in the SOAP process, but if they do, they will have full access to the evaluations collected throughout the interview season to assist them.
Why won't information be released during the interview season itself?
InterviewSEASON is dedicated to the individual applicant, and our primary goal is to create an organizational tool that saves the applicant time and decreases their level of stress. There are a number of other sites and forums where current applicants can exchange thoughts and comments about their experiences.  While there is value to this, our experience has been that the quality of information can be questionable, and oftentimes the commentary increases anxiety and stress. We have provided links to these forums in our “Links” section so that our members can easily visit those sites if they choose to. Another reason we do not release information immediately is that many applicants are reluctant to share their experiences with the general applicant population during the interview season. In contrast, we have found that most residents who have completed the interview season are eager to share their thoughts and experiences with the next year’s applicants. Unfortunately, most of them can’t remember all of the details by then. Using interviewSEASON, members will be able to organize and record their thoughts, share them with select individuals during the interview season (i.e. partners and advisors), and then share them with subsequent classes when the interview season is over.

Which specialties are pre-entered in the database?
All of the programs for the following specialties are in the database, as is their contact information:

Diagnostic Radiology
Emergency Medicine
Emergency Medicine-Family Medicine
Family Medicine
Family Medicine-Preventive Medicine
General Surgery
Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine-Dermatology
Internal Medicine-Emergency Medicine
Internal Medicine-Family Medicine
Internal Medicine-Medical Genetics
Internal Medicine-Neurology
Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (Med/Peds)
Internal Medicine-Preventive Medicine
Internal Medicine-Psychiatry
Neurological Surgery
Nuclear Medicine
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Orthopaedic Surgery
Otolaryngology (ENT)
Pediatrics-Emergency Medicine
Pediatrics-Medical Genetics
Pediatrics-Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Pediatrics-Psychiatry-Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R)
Plastic Surgery (integrated)
Prelim Orthopaedic Surgery
Prelim Pediatrics
Preventive Medicine
Psychiatry-Family Medicine
Public Health
Radiation Oncology
Thoracic Surgery (integrated)
Vascular Surgery (integrated)
Transitional Year
Prelim Medicine
Prelim Surgery

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Who do I contact if I have additional questions or concerns?
Send an email to: