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About InterviewSEASON

InterviewSEASON was founded in 2011 by recently matched residents to make the interview season easier and less stressful for future applicants. InterviewSeason has two main goals:

The first goal, helping current applicants, is achieved through the following InterviewSeason functions:

The second goal, passing information on to the next cohort of applicants is achieved by:

InterviewSeason is distinct from other medical student and residency websites in that it is centered on the individual applicant. Advice is passed from one generation of applicants to the next, but it is not a forum, and no information is shared between applicants in the same application cycle.

ONLY $5. The initial membership fee is $20, but completing evaluations for programs at which they interviewed (including at least two sentences of free text) and completing the exit survey qualifies the member for a $15 refund two weeks after match day. Completing program evaluations will help the applicant remember program details when it comes time to rank programs, and the 2012 Exit Survey took respondents an average of 20 minutes to complete. The 2013 survey will be very similar to the 2012 survey, and the actual 2012 survey can be found on the InterviewSeason home page at the end of the 2012 Survey Results.

At interviewSEASON we are dedicated to making the residency application as smooth and successful as possible for our members. Screenshots of the site are provided below, and many frequently asked questions are addressed in our FAQ section. If you have further questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at

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Get Started/Select Specialties

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Create custom program evaluation parameters

Each program added to the member's list has an evaluation form to fill out after the interview. There are 17 pre-entered parameters with a five-star ranking system, and a free-text area to type notes. Each user can personalize their program evaluation forms by adding up to four additional custom evaluation parameters. After the evaluation if complete, the entered data is transferred to the user's rank order list. The program score is created by averaging the scores of the three most important parameters (selected by the user in the "Ratings" tab in the "Edit Profile" window.

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Search for programs and create a program list

There are over 4400 residency programs in the InterviewSeason database organized by specialty and state. The specialties selected in the "Edit Profile" section will appear at the top of the search window. Indicate the specialty/specialties programs you would like to search for and the regions you are interested in.

Add/Remove programs to/from your list. Selecting the box to the left of the program name will automatically add it to your personal list (a green box will appear around the program). Unselecting the box will remove it from your list (a red box will appear around the program). WARNING: Removing a program will delete any information you have entered for the program. If you wish to remove the program from your active list, but not delete the information you have entered, use the "Hide" function on the dashboard.

Program and FREIDA links. Direct links to both the program's website and FREIDA page are embedded in the search results. The FREIDA page does time out, and if it does, you will get a message that says "session expired." If this happens, refresh your browser or click on the link again.

Prior InterviewSeason Reviews. The notebook icon in the far right column indicates that there is at least one review of that program from a prior InterviewSeason member who interviewed there. 2011-2012 was our inaugural year, and reviews of approximately 440 programs were collected, some of which have multiple reviews. About half of those have numerical scores for the 17 standard evaluation parameters while the rest have written notes/thoughts in addition to the numerical scores. Neither the scores nor the free text have been edited.

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Tracking and Organizing Applications

The InterviewSeason dashboard is your personal organization and research center. The following information is available on the dashboard for each individual program:

Actions available on the dashboard:

Clicking on the program name or "pencil" icon allows editing of program details, which include Overview, Interview, Arrival, Departure, Lodging, and Rating tabs. All information entered is automatically transferred to the InterviewSeason Summary Page, and dates are easily exported to Google Calendar.

The overview tab contains program contact information and links. The interview status, program type, and any free text notes are entered here. As you progress through the application cycle and hear back from individual program, change your status accordingly. This can also be done on the dashboard. Select the program type you are applying to for that particular program-the default setting is "Categorical" as the majority of applicants apply to categorical programs only. Some programs offer both advanced and categorical programs (or a research track) which can be ranked separately. If you indicate that you will be applying to both Categorical and Advanced tracks, this will be reflected on your InterviewSeason rank order list and you will be able to rank the two independently.

Interview: Enter your scheduled interview date and alternative interview dates. Copy and paste the invitation to interview in the text box or type in the important information so that it becomes a component of your summary page.

Travel Information: Enter your arrival, departure, and lodging information. This will become a component of the program summary page as well, and will be a good reference when traveling.

Summary Page: All of the information entered in the program detail page is automatically transferred to the InterviewSeason Summary Page, a one-page document that has all of the information necessary to get to and from an interview: interview date/time, program contact information, flights, car rentals, hotels, any notes entered, and more. Download the Summary Page by clicking the blue link "click to download program summary page" in the upper left corner of the "Program Details" window.

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Evaluating Programs

The "Rating" tab of the "Program Details" window has the InterviewSeason 5-star ranking system with 17 pre-defined parameters and 4 custom parameters created by the individual member. A free text box at the bottom allows for additional notes. All of this information, including the composite score (average score of the three most important parameters identified by the individual member) is transferred to the InterviewSeason Rank Order List.

At least two sentences must be entered in the free text box to qualify for the $15 refund at the end of the season-these thoughts will be very useful to you as you create your final rank list, and they will be very useful to future applicants as the face the same decisions you did.

*The information enterd will be shared with NEXT YEAR'S APPLICANTS, not the current season cohort. Nobody but the individual member sees any of this information until AFTER interviews for the current application cycle are over. Reviews are made available to those participating in SOAP.

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Rank Order List

Once a program has a status of "Interview" or "Complete" it is transferred to the "Rank Programs" page where a Rank Order List can be created and rearranged by dragging and dropping program names. All information entered in the program evaluation page is present on the ranking page. Clicking on the "Additional Info" link collapses/expands the evaluation information.

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Export Interview Dates and Back-up Dates to Google Calendar

Calendar Timeline: Under the "Programs" tab, select "Interview Timeline". All the dates you have entered in your account will be displayed. At the top of the screen is a link labeled "Export to PDF" which will generate a pdf of your timeline. At the bottom of the screen you have the option to enter your own dates (e.g. Step 2CK, Step 2CS).

Export Dates to Google Calendar: Under the "Programs" tab, select "Interview Timeline". All the dates you have entered in your account will be displayed. Checking the box to the left and clicking the "Export to Google Calendar" button at the bottom will add them to your Google Calendar account.

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Sharing your list with a partner (for those couples matching)

Share with a colleague: This is intended for applicants who plan to couples match, but members can share your list with multiple people if they would like to. The information shared will be limited to: programs on the active list, the city/state for each program, interview dates, and rating. When partners are invited view your list, you will need to enter their email address that is associated with their interviewSEASON account.

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Sharing information with an advisor/dean

Share with administration: Program lists can be shared with multiple advisors. The information shared is limited to: programs on the active list, city/state for each program, interview status, and interview dates. They will not be able to see your rating for each program, or member rank lists. At this point in time we don't have the capability to further select which information is shared with your advisor. For example, if an applicant is applying to both general surgery and plastic surgery, the advisors will see both types of programs on their dashboard list.

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Managing Sharing Options

Sharing of information does not occur unless the individual member initiates the sharing process. Sharing can be terminated at any time through the "Manage Colleagues" window.

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Additional Resources

In addition to the InterviewSeason 2012 Exit Survey, InterviewSeason offers advice on various aspects of the application process that includes advice on writing a personal statement, traveling, interviewing, practice interview questions, and both general and specialty-specific useful links.

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Personal Statement Review

Anonymous, specialty-specific personal statement review services are available to members at the fee structure detailed below. Personal statements will be read by recently matched residents who wrote strong personal statements for their residency application. Personal statements will be read for content and impression, and detailed feedback/critique will be provided to the applicant. This service is not for proof-reading or grammar checking, although typos and grammar may be commented on. This service is entirely optional for members and not available to non-members. Pay for the requested service through the Personal Statement Review window, and email your personal statement to Turn-around time is 7 days or less for standard service, and 48 hours or less for rush service.

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The Advisor Portal

The advisor portal keeps advisors informed without constant emails and updates. InterviewSeason advisor accounts are free and can be used to track an unlimited number of applicants, but applicants must invite advisors to view their list before advisors can join. The first time an advisor is invited their account is verified by InterviewSeason to protect the privacy of our members. This takes less than 24 hours and requires three emails. Subsequent invitations from applicants are processed immediately and are students are automatically added to their advisor's account.

The advisor dashboard gives an overview of the application progress for each student by displaying the specialties they have applied to and an application status overview for each specialty. Individual students can be flagged as a reminder that further attention is needed.

Clicking on the student's name in the Advisor Dashboard opens the student's program list, which displays the programs applied to, interview status for each program, specialty, and program type. Direct links are also available to the program website and FREIDA page. The student can be emailed directly by clicking on the link at the top of the page, and the student's last login date is shown to confirm that the information has been recently updated. At the bottom of the page is a free text box for the advisor to enter notes about the individual student. These notes are not shared with anybody and for the advisor's personal use only.

Advisors can assign multiple emails to the same account in case students use different emails when they invite them to view their list. For example, if advisor John Smith uses both and, both can be assigned to the same InterviewSeason advisor account, and students can use either to invite Advisor Smith to view their application progress.

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Exporting the Advisor Dashboard as a .csv file

The entire dashboard can be exported as a .csv file and opened/manipulated with Excel or any other statistics software. The exported .csv file identifies the students by both name and identification number. The identification number is entered by the student in their InterviewSeason profile and is labeled "AAMC #" however, it can be any number (e.g. student ID).

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